Travis Scott screw security for Kylie Jenner

c2d929dbfdb5374b8e351fca85b592dc - Travis Scott screw security for Kylie Jenner

Travis is currently on tour. Occasionally Kylie and Stormi watching a show. Travis ensures that there is five or six extra bodyguards around. These security guards look in the changing rooms and the area backstage for more than an hour long, to potential hazards. There will also be consulted about any possible escape routes should something happen. Even the itinerary of the sister and the babynichtje of Kim Kardashian to remain secret. Only the management and the bodyguards that information may know.

Insiders tell TMZ that the difference is big with the shows where Kylie and Stormi will not be. The rapper would then much less to worry about its security. Yet look at the people around Travis always forward to the arrival of the realityster and her daughter. Travis is always in a much better mood.

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