Tim Hofman get to the Second Room

5b48f32997f7dcdd7faefac37bf4df66 - Tim Hofman get to the Second Room

After the release of the #ANGRY-documentary began an initiative to more than 400 refugee children for more than 5 years in the life, here to stay. Nemr, Dennis and Benny have three of the kids in that documentary were and will be together with Hofman, the signatures offer it to the Second Room. All politicians are invited.

There were 40,000 signatures needed for Hofman, his position could come explain to the politicians. After the petition is offered to the Room, there will be a special episode of #ANGRY appear on the YouTube channel.

Especially VVD-leader Klaas Dijkhoff got a lot of criticism after his nonchalant reaction when Hofman him for the camera, confronted with the consequences of Dutch asylum policy for young children of asylum seekers.

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