Thirties offers a fictional son for sex

7f1a1ce97a747c4d86b0d24532f16bc8 - Thirties offers a fictional son for sex

IZEGEM – A Belgian institution has known paedophile chat sites occurred as a father that his son was offered for sexual services. The child turned out to be fabricated. The man, who has no children, tried as calls to lure with other pedophiles.

The 31-year-old Belgian was arrested following a tip from a Dutch witness. The police found in a house search a lot of child pornography. The suspect confessed that he feels attracted to underage boys. According to his lawyer, he is glad that it is released, so that he “can now get treatment.”

The Belgian Public Prosecutor demands a prison sentence of twelve months on probation and a fine of four thousand euros, of which two thousand euros conditional. The verdict on 2 January.

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