Thick fine after riot over buttocks

f2a5510e151ae3d3d826fcc3593afc13 - Thick fine after riot over buttocks

Rio de Janeiro – The disappointed loser of the Brazilian Miss Bumbum pageant that the winner aanvloog, a fine of 26.500 euro.

Aline Uva accused Ellen Santana in november that they are buttock-implants and was therefore disqualified. She yanked on the scene first, the sash of Santana. Then called Aline to everyone who wanted to hear that her own back ’pure nature’ and that of Santana ’plastic’. Then she called himself the winner and claimed the price of 11.500 euro.

The Brazilian escort girl, Aline, who is on social media also Miss Bumbum calls, now has a thick fine because they are the organization of the election into disrepute. The images of a desolate Uva all around the world.

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The chance that her competitor indeed implants is also small. Everyone had with a x-ray to demonstrate that the nature a helping hand was helped.

The Bumbum-elections in Brazil are immensely popular. In the final take all the regions of the country against each other. The winner can model and fotocontracten earn.

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