“These arrests mean nothing for the ’Ndrangheta’

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At an international politieactie were 90 people suspected of having ties with the mafia, were arrested. In our country (Limburg), 14 arrests. How was the Calabrian mafia that bad?

Occasionally jumps Nicola Gratteri, Italiës most famous maffiajager, from his sheet. As in march, right after in the Slovak republic, a journalist was murdered who did research on infiltration by the ’ …

Occasionally jumps Nicola Gratteri, Italiës most famous maffiajager, from his sheet. As in march, right after in the Slovak republic, a journalist was murdered who did research on infiltration by the ’ndrangheta. “Europe continues to pretend nothing is going on, as if the ’Ndrangheta is a problem in that its not to light.

Or in the presentation of his new book last month: ‘The ’Ndrangheta does two things in Europe. He sells cocaine and with the proceeds he buys everything there is to buy.’

It is a complaint that you often hear in Italy, after eleven years ago at an Italian restaurant in Duisburg six people were shot to death, also after the murder of the Slovak journalist, also after the news that the ’Ndrangheta is becoming more influential in Eastern Europe: many countries do not realize how much influence the ’Ndrangheta, the strongest maffiagroep and as a hub in cocaine trafficking in Europe, but also within their borders.

Today brought the police and justice from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium the mafia in a blow thanks to their mutual cooperation. The Italians cheer, but also a warning. “The ’Ndrangheta is hiding,” says Federico Cafiero De Raho, the national mafia prosecutor. “It is an organization that countries still comes in, and they pollute.’

He knows all too well how this works. From police investigation, and processes shows that the South-Italian ’Ndrangheta in recent years, a great influence has been in the rich north. The members buy through respectable intermediaries, businesses, infiltrating with their almost unlimited financial possibilities of the above-ground economy and buy as well as political influence. The same process has been playing for some years in Germany, France and the Netherlands, say Italian maffiabestrijders. And it starts in Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria, where the ’Ndrangheta infiltrates in farms and the wind energy.

Cosa Nostra and Camorra completely outflanked

In many European countries is not yet well penetrated what Italy already know: the past twenty years, the ’Ndrangheta, the mafia from the Southern Italian region of Calabria, the competitors from Sicily (Cosa Nostra) and Naples (the camorra) are completely overshadowed. In Italy the turnover of the ’ndrangheta is estimated at 53 billion euro. That is about 3.5 percent of gdp.

The family ties are tight and the silence, of course – there are hardly spijtoptanten who are going to talk. And the ’Ndrangheta operates outside of its own region, preferably in silence. Murders and other violence attract only the attention.

For example, the ’Ndrangheta is the hub of the cocaine trafficking in Europe. According to an Italian estimate the Calabrezen eighty percent of the cocaine trafficking in the hands.

It is perhaps the most international crime. The ’ndrangheta is represented on all continents, often by people who decades earlier from Calabria emigrated. “They have fixed bases in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium,” said Cafiero De Raho Wednesday. “They have fifty departments in Canada. They have contacts in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, in every country that cocaine produces.’ Also in Australia is the ’ndrangheta has been active.

Antwerp is a line

How global these southerners think, for example, by the change of the supply routes of cocaine from South America. A long time, the ‘home’, the Calabrian coastal town of Gioia Tauro, a major role in played. But the lines have been moved to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, said Cafiero De Raho. There is less chance of getting caught. “The ’Ndrangheta has its own storage.’ The Italian prosecutors being in The Hague is also on the close ties with the Albanian replying, especially in the Netherlands and Germany, and with Turkish criminals.

‘This means nothing’

The level of satisfaction with the way police and the justice of Neder land, Germany, Belgium and Italy have collaborated in this operation is great at the table. But Cafiero De Raho warned that the dozens of arrests ‘nothing for the ’Ndrangheta. There are thousands of people who are arrested would have to be billions of euros that are confiscated should be – the wealth of the ’ndrangheta is huge.’

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