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The solution to the climate change problem is perhaps in the Design Museum

1edd598f611d9f03c239a378043f4e61 - The solution to the climate change problem is perhaps in the Design Museum

Sunday argued 65,000 people for the climate and advisors match our what we can do better for a greener society. One tip would be: go to the Design Museum. There is to see how the new materials to help transportation, energy, clothing, and household goods more ecologically.

The Design Museum does not only beauty, it also wants a driver for change. In the expo, Fibre-Fixed let see what there in recent years, all realized with new materials …

The Design Museum does not only beauty, it also wants a driver for change. In the expo, Fibre-Fixed let see what there in recent years, all realized with new materials. Plastics that get support of all kinds of fiber have numerous benefits. They are so friendly to little weight and are easy to color. They lend themselves for long-term use, such as for bikes, tables or prostheses.

The good news is that it could be better. Composite materials appear to be best friends with fibre, whether of synthetic (carbon or glass) or natural (flax, jute, seagrass, if necessary, of a artisjokstengel). The two mixed together, then keep the plastics not only their properties, but they are also rigid, easy to distort, and sometimes one hundred times as strong.

A feather-light airbus

The older generation of plastics is difficult to destroy, but in the meantime, there are applications that are degradable and can be recycled. So going to Ikea prides itself on that all the wood of his Odger Chair is reused, and that 55% of the polypropylene recycled. The design agency Front, makes cabinets out of recycled textiles.

Who on the scale, wish sometimes that he was out of composite material is increased. That is lighter. The success of the aircraft Solar Impulse is due to the solar panels, but that he thus, as first around the world became, on account of its fibres. The rig is as big as an airbus, but by its material weighs in at two hundred times lighter. The Cargocopter is such a light drone that he long distances at 120 kilometers per hour to fly. Ideal for blood and tissue samples between hospitals to transport.

A plastic bike of 30 pounds

Requires the creation of plastic was not great, a lot of energy? And the alternative is still more durable? “Quite,” says emeritus professor Ignaas Verpoest of KU Leuven. ‘A material consists of the half or a third of plastic. To make, there is, of course, energy is required. The rest is supplemented with fiber. That are becoming better, so that there is less and less plastic is needed. The plastic bikes in the 60’s made weighed 25 to 30 pounds. Now weighs a carbonkader less than a kilo.’

There is still something. How more natural the fiber, the less energy it takes to him to produce. “To be a natural product as one kilo of flax fiber to make, there is 10 megajoules of energy are needed,” says Verpoest. ‘For plastics if one kilogram of glass fiber is 50, for one kilo of plastic is 100 and for one kilo of carbon fibre, more than 200 megajoules. Although carbon fibers are the most energy questions in order to produce, nevertheless, they are better than steel for in-car use. During his lifetime, there is the ecological footprint of a car for 85% of the fuel. Carbon fibers create but from 10%. And lighter cars consume less energy.’

The designer is a fungus

In the expo there are some applications that are purely nature. Tamara Orjola serves for its couch of pine needles, which she reinforced by resin to add to it. Christien Meindertsma do for her Flax Chair appeal to individual fibers. This makes them a vlasmat, of which they each snippet, of the buttocks to the legs and the backrest. The Israeli desk Erez Navi Pana designs furniture with zwerfhout, that for a while in the Dead Sea plunges. The salt crystals reinforce the wood structure.

A natural material is mycelium. On a soil growing a network of fungal filaments of the fungi. In the research ReaGent is that a bed of koffiegruis and straw. With that mycelium is made the agency Glimps the shade Lumifungi. Your visit think that you handmade paper or fabric on the fireplace alone, but actually it is the sheerest magic. Kristel Peters designs even shoes. Maurizio Montalti makes 3D prints. He is so modest scale, simple shapes, to give: the real designer is the mold, he says.

Composite is as flexible as a gymnast. Festival-goers are barely aware of it, but the tent poles of their Quechuatentjes are flexible because there is fiber in it. It brought Otto Of the Stone on the idea of a opplooibare canoe. Instead of a four-meter-long boat on his roof rack lashing,, he is now a pack of seventeen pounds on the rear rack of his bike. Carina Deuschl invented a portable sit bath of less than seven pounds. The evangelical words, ” rise, take your bath and go home’ coming soon within range.

Fibre-Fixed, up to 21/4 in the Design Museum.

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