Strong 60-somethings popping on stage in The Voice of Senior

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On talent not age. And definitely not on musical talent. In the very first season of The Voice Senior transcends the talent and all the age limits. From Friday 7 december 2018 let musical 60-somethings to see what they are worth on the stage. Some look back on a rich career, others are only now for the first time on a big stage. But all of them have their own story, a strong voice and lots of enthusiasm to once again to life on the stage.

Coaching, the candidates of the largest leaders in their profession: Walter Grootaers, Dana Winner, Helmut Lotti and Natalia. Who knows them to hit with his or her voice, and it was issued as a spot in one of the teams? Only one Senior is on the end of the trip is declared the winner and goes home with €10,000 euro and the opportunity to own a single.

Short but more powerful than ever: that is the trail of The Voice Senior. The coaches focus the ears during 2 Blind Auditions, in which 20 candidates pass in review. Only the very best votes will earn a spot in the team, Dana, Helmut, Walter or Natalia. With each of the 4 talents of the coaches to the Knock-Out, in which the group is further thinned to 8 talents – 2 per coach – which the advocates of settlement in the grand final on Friday, 28th december 2018.

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