Santa claus shares 5000 euro

f98ee20dbbf6cef09f81b15d41dede92 - Santa claus shares 5000 euro

One more sleep and the big man from Spain is coming along. Santa claus has this year also a gift in store for all participants of Qwistet. Tomorrow, december 6, at 12.30, share Qmusic-dj Vincent Fierens, or better: SinterFierens, an extra large prize pool. All participants, including those who are not so good, and have been, the chance to win a prize pool of 5000 euro instead of 500 euro.

Qwistet exists today exactly a month and is the first livequiz in Flanders. The quiz is recorded so far with 70,000 entries and could already 508 winners to be happy with an extra penny. Vincent distributed in the past month a prize pool of up to 11.500 euro among them.
Everyone that tomorrow is his chance to venture into the prize pool of 5000 euro, at 12.30 to log in to the Q-app. There fires Vincent 10 multiple-choice questions to the participants. The one that all questions correct answer, their share of the prize pool is yours.

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