Santa claus dominates tv-evening

ec83b0378fe8f232ad89abb323855570 - Santa claus dominates tv-evening

NPO will receive 1 Christmas at 20.30 pm on RTL 4 starts the pile to 21.30 hours. Sinterklaasjournaal-presenter Dieuwertje Blok, and Frank Evenblij present for BNNVARA santa Claus, who doesn’t? on NPO 1. They do that for the first time. Previous years was the presentation of the annual sinterklaasshow at the NPO in the hands of Paul de Leeuw.

In the NPO show will Mark Tuitert, Sander Lantinga, Moon Steenwinkel, Anita Witzier, Gregory Sedoc and Erik van Muiswinkel, divided into two teams, competing with each other. Who knows most of the secret saxton?

Paul de Leeuw makes his debut at RTL4 with his sinterklaasshow Saint & Paul Tackle!, with a performance by Anouk. In the show plays the new RTL-presenter with the saint, touching and funny wishes of the public.

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