Samantha let Barbie FOREVER behind with drastically gesture

This is the new Samantha

Samantha let on Instagram know that she is now back at home after a treatment of sixteen weeks in a clinic in Scotland that focuses on substance abuse problems. “I have my blonde look left in Scotland, and proceed as Samantha the Young and go me to focus on my recovery, and my two beloved children.”

Her blonde hair disappeared, just like ’Barbie’

In another message she says it is lovely to find to be back home again after a very difficult time in Scotland. “It’s certainly not been easy, but well worth it. Had the of myself did not expect, but have found the strength to the addiction to overcome. I want to thank people who are there for me, both in Scotland as it is here.”

Last summer did Samantha a second suicide attempt under the influence of drugs. She left for treatment to Scotland. Her son Milan and daughter Angelina live with their father.

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