Roy Donders has no regrets about moving

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Roy Donders

According to Roy, has filed for bankruptcy due to various reasons. “The move, but also the changes in the market. There is a lot more bought online and I have the idea that the middle of the market disappears. The need or megaduur or very cheap.” Apart from the disappointing market has a new, bigger shop in the centre of Tilburg, Roy cost a lot of money. “An expensive property, more staff… The fixed costs went up. The revenue went in the start up, but that went quickly down again.”

Although he was the store, ’my baby, lost, Roy is also proud. “I am very happy that I made the choice I made in order to go downtown, I will never wonder ‘what if…’. I am proud that I am always my dream to have followed.”

Roy looks forward with good courage to 2019. “It can only get better”, said the huispakkenkoning, which this year also private lots for are choose got. “I still have no plan. My first plan is the shop as good as possible and as neatly as possible to close. I am 27 years old and have still a whole life for me.”

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