Robert Jensen: “I find Youp van ’t Hek a filthy man!”

1a798ee91635c7b4f8f2b08e1e682f97 - Robert Jensen: "I find Youp van ’t Hek a filthy man!"

Robert Jensen

“The fact that I know that bolle Robert Jensen hand-in-hand with his family to the christmas tree to hupsen, makes me so intensely happy,” says Youp. This fell into the wrong earth at the talkshowpresentator.

“I think it’s a dirty man”, foetert Jensen in his new podcast about Van ‘t Hek. “In all areas in which you are a human dirty. Filthy in appearance, in terms of how he as a human being in the society, constantly that pointing finger, that everyone is wrong. It’s just a dirty actor and the kind of people I find so uninteresting.”

Jensen states that the computer of Youp ’whole dirty things”. “What’s going on in that head, as you write. I think your bestiality shows, I think it really. This is not true. A 65-year-old man writes not as a piece of out of the blue. Maybe I should me something more in depth.”

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