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Resignation of ICOBox-founder Nick Evdokimov – Coin Hero

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ICOBox-founder Nick Evdokimov known to the company, withdraw, to put his energy into your own projects

Home Entrepreneurs ICOBox-founder Nick Evdokimov a firm resignation to its energy in your own projects to get stuck

Martin Hubmann –

Nick Evdomikov, founder of ICOBox, confirmed his decision to leave the Management of the company to withdraw, in order to focus his efforts in the direction of their own projects. Nevertheless, he will retain his ownership in the company.

“Due to the variety of my own projects I’ve been involved in since the end of 2017, neither in the Management nor in the operation of ICOBox personally. Therefore, I have decided that now is a good time to publish this Information and to ensure full clarity, to avoid the possibility of rumors. I would like to stress that the company’s performance was affected after my departure in any way – the Team is working just as easily as before and keeps its promise to customers,“

Nick Evdokimov said.

Currently ICOBox of his two business is conducted-leading partners and co-founders Anar Babaev, who is in charge of the Russian-speaking market, and Daria Generalova, which is for international development.

“For Nick, it was not an easy decision, the company’s management. However, we are aware that he is a serial entrepreneur, reluctant to a single project in focus and is interested in further development. It is a significant Moment for Nick, but even big names such as Tesla founder Elon Musk and Uber’s founder, Travis Kalanick had to do this step. We are confident that Nick will be in his future projects very successfully“,

ICOBox co-founder Daria Generalova commented.

Nick Evdokimov founded ICOBox in the year 2017. In little more than a year of gigantic leap from the unknown Start-Up to largest New-Generation-Service-provider in the world, the company succeeded. As such, ICOBox works with companies that want to sell their products via Initial Coin Offering.

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