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Reports about 51 percent in the case of Token Vertcoin – Coin Hero

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Reports about 51 percent in the case of Token Vertcoin

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Matthias Nemack –

In trade portals, it is reported at the present day, in the currency Vertcoin that there was a 51-percent attack. The measures taken to remedy the problems and to reduce the impact to run on high tours.

Before Vertcoin, there were a number of other affected Token

Part of the report in the Wired platform. There it is, on Wednesday afternoon, the System to the Token Vertcoin to be the victims of such an attack. Thus, the System is actually in quite good company. Because in the past there had been such attacks also significantly more well-known currencies such as Bitcoin Gold. And there’s always speculation that other large currencies, such as the Ether or the Bitcoin as the origin of the industry could be the target of such attacks.

To a lot of computing power of individual users represents a risk

The danger, according to insiders, in particular, that rogue company, in a sense, the command might take the lead in the system’s internal computing power, and thus to a considerable extent influence on the currencies. The team of developers around the Vertcoin works according to his own statement to a new structuring of the underlying Blockchain. This includes new strategies to safeguard the technology against future attacks. The risk of such attacks is that a single participant or applying even more risky, in individual cases, groups of users, more than half of the required computing power for the System transactions.

The perpetrator should repeatedly hit

The result is the possibility for subsequent correction of completed blocks within the Blockchain. This is normally not possible when the activity is first encrypted, and the transaction blocks are grouped in a time window. According to rumors, a few hundred Blocks were to be affected in the event of Vertcoins of a plurality of individual attack. Attackers can conduct through interventions in the System Transfers repeatedly and not least of all the funds of other participants disconnect. An accurate scale of the attack is apparently not yet known.

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