Priyanka and Nick cried tears

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

“Every girl dreams of being a princess on her marriage,” says the 36-year-old Priyanka. “But I never planned how I exactly wanted to have.”

The marriage, that several days, had both a christian and a hindu ceremony. “That we have two big weddings were in India, together with our close family and friends, was incredibly special,” says the former Miss World. “My heart melted.”

Two outfits

The 26-year-old Nick is in his element. “Emotions ran high during the ceremonies. For me, that happened mostly during the western wedding.” The former member of the Jonas Brothers could not be better wedding wishes. “Honest: I can’t imagine the so would be perfect. It was very emotional.”

On Instagram to share the couple’s two photos: one of the christian marriage, the other from the Indian ceremony. On the first photo adds Priyanka a white wedding dress with long drag. Maker Ralph Lauren is able to report that there are 1,826 hours in the make of the garment. On the second photo, the actress is dressed in a red Indian dress.

Nick, in turn, goes to the first photo dressed in a tuxedo. On the second picture he is shown in gold and white Indian outfit, including the turban.

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