Piers Morgan: Meghan Markle used me for career

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The two were in 2015, in contact with each other via Twitter. Piers decided a number of stars of the American drama series Suits to follow on Twitter, including Markle. “Within a few minutes she sent me a private message back: Hi there, thanks for the follow. I’m a big fan of yours!”, writes Piers in his column. “I answered, and the months that we sent each other regular messages.” In 2016 they saw each other for the first time in a pub in London. “We had a great time,” writes Piers about the time Meghan barely known. “She asked me advice about her career and the media and said that they’d like in Good Morning Britain wanted to come as she is back in London. In the taxi back she wrote on Twitter how much fun she was to be her friend – I – have to see again.”

But immediately after that meeting was over with the friendship. “Meghan went that evening to a dinner where they prince Harry met. She went with him on a date and then I never heard from her again. Not a word.” Piers is furious at the “rude behavior” of the current wife of Harry. “I am by a b-actress used to her career a boost. When an important and influential person came into the picture, prince Harry in this case, I was instantly dumped”, he lamented.

Piers says he is not surprised that there are stories to come out of Meghan that would behave like a demanding diva of the personnel to madness drives. “Because of the unfortunate experience that I have had, surprised me not at all.”

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