’No penalty ex-adviser to Trump to cooperate’

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WASHINGTON – The former national security advisor of the Us president, Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, has sufficiently contributed to the Russia-research. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller to find that Flynn, who had previously made false statements issued to the FBI, therefore, no or a mild imprisonment deserves.

Michael Flynn

Mueller writes in an opinion to the court. A total of was Flynn 19 times around the table with the researchers, he information exchanged and documents handed over. What exactly he has shared is not disclosed.

“His early cooperation was particularly valuable because it is one of the few with knowledge over a longer period of time and first hand,” says Mueller that the Russian interference in the presidential election in 2016 is investigating and the possible collusion of the Russians with the campaign of Trump.

Flynn was soon under the magnifying glass of Mueller. In February 2017, he was dismissed as national security adviser. That happened after was known that he was against vice-president Mike Pence had lied about the scope and contents of his secret talks with Russian officials.

The national security advisor gave in december last year that he made false statements had been compared to the FBI about his contacts with former ambassador Sergey Kisljak of Russia. He will get on december 18 the verdict hearing in his criminal case.

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