New single by Free Souffriau

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erstmis state gradually for the door and who Christmas says think since last year, no doubt, to Free Souffriau who was then with the “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh’ a wonderful christmas album delivered. Now the hottest special period of the year again in the visor, comes the Kerstalbums also be recalled, and since the album of Free are still quite a few gems contains let them this year a beautiful christmas single on our los.
‘Winter Wonderland’, one of the Kerstklassiekers eminently does in the version of Free Souffriau eagerly look forward to that steaming mug of hot chocolate, spicy cup of mulled wine or spicy shot of gin. Instant christmas feeling, it should again without hesitation from this Friday 7 december, the day that this wonderful song will appear.
The Christmas TV special of the album, “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh’ is again this year to see on the public television channel, and numerous regional stations, the album itself also makes again its appearance in the shops. Who Free this winter like to live to work would like to see this on one of her many christmas concerts.

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