’Memphis Depay to pay almost half a million for the watch

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For Memphis Depay is a watch of nearly half a million a joke

The Orange player likes a little style, and there’s also some glitz and glamour. And then an expensive watch is nice, but as a true star lets you who prefer a bit of adjusting, so you only have copies, Depay have thought of. At least, that suspect Quote, and hunts immediately the price.

According to them it starts a little gold watch of a particular brand but the eighty thousand euro. The inlaid diamonds chasing the price to enormous heights and when the clock still rare, large, to taste custom, and there’s a stopwatch on it (in rich people language, a chronograph watch), it would be uurwerkje just four and a half ton can cost. Reason to about to show it off in a rapvideo, in honor of its 500 million followers. And to think that this is only one out of his exorbitant horlogeverzameling.

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