Manager store Fellaini put robbery in the scene

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Marouane Fellaini

The suspect wanted in that way revenge on the father of Fellaini. That writes It.

The event took place in 2014. Aleksandar S., the owner of a business in luxury goods, in Brussels (in the name of Fellaini, red) had the emergency services called for a so-called raid, where he himself is the victim of would have been. According to him, was for nearly 250,000 euros taken away by masked men in a van.


The court succeeded, however, in the van and the occupants to detect and received from them a very different story to hear. The operator would himself, with the idea to come to the store to rob. The bewakingsbeelden of in the store confirm that version.

S. came before the court with a remarkable explanation. He said that he was ’held hostage’ felt by the father of Fellaini, that of a ’badness’ without name, and him but not want to leave as the operator.

The managing director is together with the three thieves prosecuted by the commercial court of Brussels.

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