Klopp: ’Rise Burnley avoid’

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Jurgen Klopp

“Since I trainer am at Liverpool we have always had a hard time,” said Klopp on the club. “We have Burnley analyzed. It is a results-oriented team and I’m sure they’re at the end of the season there good for.”

Burnley is on a penultimate place in the Premier League with 9 points from 14 matches. A distorted image, Klopp. “They have less points than that on the basis of the veldspel would earn. We must ensure that their advance this coming weekend begins and not before.”

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Klopp can be a good victory. Last week lost his team the crucial Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain, last weekend knew Liverpool with a large dose of luck in the last minute to beat city rivals Everton. “From my point of view there is nothing just a late lead,” said Klopp. “The match against Burnley will start with 0-0 and will take 95 minutes.”

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