Jean-Marie Pfaff is a bus driver

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Jean Marie Pfaff

The Belgian is next week Tuesday 65 years and has also suddenly become a new passion found so: driving a bus.

The ex-Red Devil bought an old Audi bus with 350,000 km on the counter. “That bus is decorated,” says Pfaff against The Newspaper. “The autoraceteams of Audi used it in the past for tactical discussions. I had a few years ago, it has already been said against the boss of Audi that I wanted him to buy if he him of the hand would do. And last month, he called me suddenly. I know him well.”

Pfaff rents the bus is now on businesses: there is place for 23 people, there are television screens, microphones, and tables. “I row myself also,” says Pfaff. “I have my driver’s license. People who go to sea want to call it.”

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