Jan Van Looveren affected by tragedy

Jan Van Looveren affected by tragedy

Jan Van Looveren lost at the end of last year his sister after a prolonged battle against cancer. The actor admits that the terrible tragedy of him another man has made.

Jan Van Looveren see we are currently at work in “On the Road With John” in which he and his guests take you on a challenging route. It is remarkable that this year, only women were invited. And that is difficult for Jan Van Looveren. Jan Van Looveren admits that he is still seriously out of his comfort zone to take in women. He is a bit nervous and uncertain. Such as Raymond van het Groenewoud sings: ‘they are and’re kind, sir’, explains Jan Van Looveren in the Day All that more careful attempts to be with what and how he says something against his female guests. “Some people see me as perhaps a macho, I am also in a smooth and jovial about it, but I don’t want anybody schofferen,” explains Jan Van Looveren in the magazine. Jan Van Looveren will also no longer worry about people who are not able to see, that time is over.

Jan Van Looveren lost last year his sister and that tragedy set him to thinking. His sister lost the battle against breast cancer after it had spread to the brain. And Jan admits that he has plenty for his happiness to choose. “I’ve proposed to me only to laugh in life”, says Jan Van Looveren in Day All. And that also wants to say that we Jan more often to work as an actor…

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