Irish backstop can United Kingdom.

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By the Irish backstopscheme can the British government for many years, stuck in negotiations with the EU. That sets a legal opinion about the Brexit.

The United Kingdom risk by the conditions in the Irish backstop regime for years to negotiations, according to the legal advice that the British government against her sentence, has been released.

What is the backstop? From the preliminary Brexit-agreement shows that the United Kingdom, with the EU a ‘common customs area’ would like to decorate as a back up. That is established if there is in the transitional period until the end of 2020 no conclusive trade agreement to be concluded that a soft border between Ireland and Northern Ireland respects. It could be that in Northern Ireland more European rules than in the rest of the United Kingdom. The UK may be that stopgap, moreover, not unilaterally discontinue.

The attorney-general Geoffrey Cox stresses that the regime will endure, even if the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU off of it, until a new arrangement is made. This is the fear of many Brexiteers confirmed that the emergency endless can continue.

The Northern Irish protestants, the DUP are displeased that Northern Ireland, with the deal closer to the EU than the United Kingdom if no way is found to be a hard limit to avoid. ‘The opinion proves that Northern Ireland fully into the customs union, while the United Kingdom will not, ” responds Nigel Dodds, the DUP leader in Westminster.

The hard Brexiteers fear that the temporary arrangements of the backstop can be permanently, what a danger for the integrity of the United Kingdom.

The government was by the parliament forced to the opinion about the Brexit deal to publish. The members of parliament wanted to be able to see, in order to better inform them about the Brexitdeal vote on 11 december. The opinion reinforces the no-camp.

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