Ilse Warringa and Coen & Sander in Maya movie

cc21d461c233bc38e335f27129933eb3 - Ilse Warringa and Coen & Sander in Maya movie

It is after Maya the To from 2014 the second film around the beloved insect. The first film was, according to Studio 100 to 120 countries sold. In part 2, Maya and her friends do everything possible to not have the full honey harvest to have to give it to the evil Empress of Zoemtropolis.

Vajèn van den Bosch takes again the voice of the titelpersonage. Ilse Warringa is to be heard as the Empress, and the Coen & Sander speak the voices of the ants Eddie & Freddie.

Also the sisters Olcay and Longer Gülşen lend their cooperation to the movie. It is for the Gülşen-sisters for the first time that they have a voice recording for an animation. Maya the bee: The Honingspelen will be out this spring in the Dutch cinemas.

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