Ian Thomas is experimenting with drugs

Ian Thomas is experimenting with drugs

Ian Thomas was killed just before the finale of Dancing With The Stars but the still only 21-year-old singer is once again positive notice. His mother let her light shine on her son Ian…

Ian Thomas convinced televisiekijkend Flanders that he can dance. The apple does not fall far from the tree, sounds at mama Brigitte, which is itself of course a dancer. Brigitte is also very proud of Ian. Brigitte was pregnant with Ian when she was in Cats taking part in. “He danced then too, in my belly”, jokes the proud mother. However, a Brigitte that she, as the mother, there may not always been enough for her son. Despite the success, Ian difficult years older now, that the clothes are crawled…

Ian Thomas talked finally about how he is at school being bullied, and that does a mother, of course, shudder. Despite everything he has already experienced, yet he is always resisted. And what can you, as a mom just happy to be. “He has already done so much and been through, and yet has survived. I am proud of that,” says Brigitte in Day All. Often, it was a “struggle”, but Ian showed his character by it all, will be a place to be able to give. But Ian’s not too young to make a breakthrough?

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