GTST-actor in sprookjesfestijn The Hair

f8139cf0620c9d64b6a0ebe4406a3e07 - GTST-actor in sprookjesfestijn The Hair

That was Castle de haar in Utrecht, Wednesday known. Ayal East played the role of Tim Loderus in GTST as a substitute of Beau Schneider, who played the role normally played. Schneider left the series in 2012 a few weeks because of the death of his mother, Will van Kralingen.

It is the eighth time that The Her in the christmas holidays a sprookjesfestijn organizes. Familiar characters from famous fairy tales are making their presence felt in the castle during the last weeks of december. The holiday marks a milestone for Her; most likely receive the castle in that week, the 75,000 e visitor.

The ticket sales for the sprookjesfestijn is started.

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