“Friends” is not on Netflix in the new year?

0fd937c66b02182f52afd2cf7c0b9d8a - "Friends" is not on Netflix in the new year?

A moment of fear at the large contingent of “Friends”-lovers. There was talk that the popular sitcom from 2019 not on Netflix would be available. The streaming service has now clearly laid.

Netflix has the rights to “Friends” already renewed until the end of 2019. That let them know via Twitter. On the Netflix page of the series was that, from 1 January no longer has to watch would be. The streaminggigant has now that digital ‘expiration date’ deleted from the sub-page. The streaming service also know that there is a new deal with Warner Bros.

Since 2015, all 10 seasons of “Friends” on Netflix in the U.S. and Canada. In our country it is only available since January.

There is already speculation that Warner Bros. the contract with Netflix would not want to extend. So is the movie studio plan to be in the fourth quarter of 2019 its own streaming service to launch. Disney is the same plan with Disney+.

Or “Friends” in 2020 still will be available on Netflix, still, is very doubtful, since Disney all off at the pass. May follow Warner Bros. that example.

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