Friend request of deceased sister

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Amsterdam – The 23-year-old Paige got a huge blow to the process when her twin sister Madison died after she was hit by a truck with a drunk driver.

Paige Lyden got to her horror, a Facebook friend request from her just by an accident died tweelingzuster.

But the terror was at least as large as the Australian two weeks later via Facebook a very strange friend request received. That was because of her sister.

Paige thought at first that her mother had logged on to the account of Madison and her accidentally removed as a friend, but that turned out not to be the case.

Other family members reported that they vriendschapsverzoeken had gained from Madison. It soon turned out that the so-called ’internettrol’ went with the photos of the deceased wife, a new profile was created, writes the Mirror.

“I was literally sick from the thought that someone had an account set up with her name. And why would her family and friends find and add? That is so wrong. What they hoped to achieve?”

Paige reported the account immediately to Facebook, but noticed several hours later that this also the real account of her childhood with all the memories of them both, was removed. Only when a journalist contact on nam with Facebook was that bug fixed.

Madison died on holiday in New York. They cycled on a bike path along Central Park when an Uber taxi suddenly her stopped and she had to move away. The taxi driver was to anger of the relatives of Madison is not prosecuted.

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