French government awards the ’yellow vests’ the hand: only in 2020, higher prices

PARIS – The French government has objected to tax increases on petrol and diesel until after next year postponed. That reported French media Wednesday.

A ’yellow jacket’ which flies the French flag on the Champs Élysées in Paris.

Previously defended prime minister Edouard Philippe, in the parliament, a delay of half a year.

The government of president Emmanuel Macron had initially planned the fuels around the coming new year are more expensive to make, for a better climate and environment it was called. But the violent protests by protesters in yellow vests brings the French government on other thoughts. Philippe stated that the trigger are not included in the budget for 2019.

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The protests against the trigger started last month with hundreds of blocks, especially on the highways but ran last weekend completely out of hand. In Paris alone, were during the riots, 133 people injured, including 23 police officers. Over four hundred people were arrested. The famous Arc de Triomphe was plastered with slogans and the inside of the triumphal arch were destruction caused.

The movement of the “yellow shirts”, was also in action in Belgium. Remained In the Netherlands, the actions are limited.

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