Fourth season for The Good Place

1f7ee156c6d30d2b1a3f909a8ff11730 - Fourth season for The Good Place

The show revolves around a group of people after their death thinking that they are accidentally in the sky path. In this version of the afterlife, that The Good Place is called, waving Michael (Ted Danson) the scepter, assisted by a search engine in the human form of an assistant, Janet. The series is in the Netherlands on Netflix to see.

Danson responded Tuesday happy on the new season of the comedy. A group photo of the cast, ” he wrote, “Grateful for another season with this ‘forking’ guests”, a reference to The Good Place, where the inhabitants cursing a cleaner version of that word out of their mouth. Also castlid Jameela Jamil made such a joke: “We get a fourth season, benches!”, tweeted said.

It is not yet clear how many episodes the fourth season of The Good Place will exist.

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