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Formula 1 focuses on artificial intelligence from 2019

50c85a8c0d1a4b5ff9455fd203ccdd4a - Formula 1 focuses on artificial intelligence from 2019

Ross Brawn, today started work as the director of motorsports for Formula 1, has a corner of the veil of what we as a viewer should expect from 2019.

The Formula 1 will work with Amazon Web Services ” to the huge amount of data that behind the scenes there to get the viewers more involved in the sport. The intention is to use a tool from AWS make predictions in terms of performance, pit stops and strategy.

Brawn let them know that it will make for some interesting additions in the TV-broadcasts of the races because as a viewer more insight will get into the telemetry, state of the tires, and even the weather.

“We know that someone is in trouble: his tires get overheated,” says Brawn. “In that case we can go to the history of the tires look, how they work and where they are at in the race. Through machines we can view the situation in a right way analyze.

“It is a tool for the fans to understand whether an individual is in trouble and whether he has the situation under control.”

A second example that Brawn mentions is the fact or a inhaalpoging will be successful or not.

“Wheel-to-wheel racing is a vital aspect in the sport,” Brawn continued. “With the help of the machine and the live data, we can make predictions.”

“The best of these data is that the teams are not fully available. We have the data of both cars and can make the comparison, this is us not yet occurred.”

Third, it takes Brawn, the analysis of the pit stops. We will be able to see if the team is making the right decisions concerning the bandenkeuzes.

“We’re going to the fans to give them access in the data so that they could determine why and when the riders stopped. The team and the rider have made the right choice?”

By this new system will also be possible to, for example, new formats to try, such as a reverse starting grid.

Brawn also revealed that the reglementswijzigingen for 2019 for more excitement. The race will be exciting because the cars less dependent on aerodynamics and to a predecessor longer to chase.

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