Expedition Robinson: Anton is angry

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After thirty days expedition is the semi-finals arrived. Who should be on the side of Robbe the final play? Nele that the game is tactically played? Arnaude that today is the thirtieth hyphen in her name plate carves? Or Anton, who is happily praises his halvefinaleplek: “I had never expected to be with two women on a desert island. The gods are me well-disposed.”

But appearances can be deceiving. On the island there is a fault line between the sexes. Nele and Arnaude conspire against the very last man. The tactical games are hard but give Nele no guilt. “I feel blessed that I have the whole trail to here as honest’ve played. I can be anyone still right in the eyes.”

The expedition and its hardships weigh heavily. “I am this island, vomit-, vomit-, kotsbeu,” says Anton. “If I leave, I do a piske on the ground and then I come here and never return!” He then adds the action to the word.
The winner of the first test, joins Robbe on winnaarseiland and is assured of a finalist. And there’s more good news for the two finalists to see a pizza delivery service arrive with a huge fresh pizza. The robinsons are really emotional. Cry out for a pizza, it can.

Expedition Robinson – Tomorrow 20u35 at FOUR

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