Dutch version This Is Us in the making

0c26e3247cd413441befb8df83252bcd - Dutch version This Is Us in the making

Tranentrekker This Is Us tells the story of a family whose father died. The series is played alternately in the time before his death, and in the present, as the triplets he has with his wife, daughter and adult. The drama won since the start in 2016, including a People’s Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. Actor Sterling K. Brown, drew is also an Emmy, Critics’ Choice Award and Golden Globe within.

What EN Film plan is with the series, it is still not clear. This summer it was announced that television producer 20th Century Fox Television, the market went on with licenses to local versions of the hit series. In september, it was a Turkish edition of This Is Us announced. Also a French producer has an option taken on the rights of the series.

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