Dutch trucker cross car ’yellow jacket’

0140ae56e71469db785afaa9bb44a94c - Dutch trucker cross car ’yellow jacket’

MOUNTAINS – A Dutch truck driver on Wednesday in Belgium, the car of an activist of the ’yellow vests’ in fire. That happened on a goederenoverslagplaats in Houdeng near La Louvière in Hainaut.

A ’yellow jacket’ demonstrates the along the motorway in France. Photo for illustration.

Demonstrators protesting there all day against the Belgian government and prime minister, Charles Michel, that the living is always more expensive to make. This is done in imitation of the French ’cardigans jaunes’, which initially mainly objections made against the increase of fuel prices.

The angry trucker is arrested and taken for questioning, the public prosecutor in Mountains known. According to the local press, went to the Dutchman deliberately to work. The Public Prosecutor confirmed that a lecture but said that the fire in the vehicle of the demonstrator could quickly be extinguished.

During anomalous actions of the ’yellow vests’ in Belgium and France were several cars from private individuals and the police in flames.

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