Dutch parliament votes a motion of distrust in a debate about UN-migratiepact

c82fc9c48e49fce36e761630054dee83 - Dutch parliament votes a motion of distrust in a debate about UN-migratiepact

A motion of censure against the Dutch government in connection with the UN-migratiepact is Tuesday night with the vast majority voted out of office. Only sponsored Forum for Democracy (FVD) of Thierry Baudet and the PVV of Geert Wilders voted for the motion.

The document of the UN on migration is, as in Belgium, substance for debate by our neighbors. Although the pact is non-binding, there is a fear from both parties that migrants later, the judge still may be entitled to a stay by an appeal to the pact.

Baudet said an immigration policy such as Australia, and a blockade on the Mediterranean Sea in wanting to migrants in boats. According to Member of parliament Sietse Fritsma (PVV) is the government ‘Russian roulette’ with the safety of the Netherlands.

Although most of the resistance to the pact of FVD and PVV came, expressed more of the parties doubts. So think SGP that in the text is not clear enough to distinguish between different types of migrants.

Many Members of parliament wanted to know how the so-called ‘standpuntverklaring’, that the Netherlands is going to issue if the pact is voted in, will look like. Secretary of state Mark Harbers made last week that such a statement comes, in order to prevent the pact in the future by judges is used to migrants ‘ rights, to close it.

Harbers repeated especially over the last few weeks have said the pact will be no legal consequences, it is intended to irregular migration and is a diplomatic tool to connect with other countries to make agreements on migration.

Spectators by police buitengezet

But the fundamental disagreement between the proponents and opponents about how the text should be explained, was there during the evening, not smaller.

Of interest for the debate was no lack, the public gallery was at the beginning quite full. Two spectators in the public gallery, one of whom is dressed in a yellow jacket, were made by the police to the outside led. Endorsements or other statements on the stand are not permitted.

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