Dominican Republic draws UN-migratiepact not

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The Dominican Republic draws UN-migratiepact not. That said Flavio Darío Espinal, a legal adviser of the Dominican government. He fears that the pact will hinder to the border with Haiti, to check, the poorest country of the continent.

“The approval would commitments to generate the Dominican state that the capacity could be undermined to the migratienormen to be respected and to create an efficient migration policy to apply,” says the expert. Hundreds of Haitians trying every day border crossing with the Dominican Republic.

According to a national study of 2017 to immigrants, who in april was published, Haitians 87,2 percent of the population of foreign origin in the Dominican Republic. It comes to almost 500,000 people. Many Haitians flee also elsewhere in Latin America, where they not seldom be confronted with a population that is hostile towards migrants.

Also Australia, Hungary and Austria

The UN pact, the first of its kind, is not binding. However, it includes a series of principles, ranging from human rights and children’s rights to a recognition of the national sovereignty. It also does a twenty proposals to help countries to migration in the right direction, by providing information, integration and expertise exchange. On 10 and 11 december for its approval in Marrakech.

The design of the UN-pact was, in July, adopted in New York by all members, with the exception of the United States of Trump. Since then, several countries – including Australia, Hungary, Austria, Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Israel – that they will not agree and will not sign.

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