Dina Tersago under fire on social media

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Now, Dina Tersago no, farmers need to link, she has time for other things. Her shoulders under Mamas for Africa is one of them. Last week was Dina Tersago guest in Van Gils & Guests on One to talk about Mamas for Africa, an organization that would like to use the issue of vulnerable women in Eastern Congo to improve. A lot of girls and women are victims of rape. In the Congo, as is sexual violence as a weapon of war, gang rape to happen even on a daily basis. “Rape is the weapon of the wandering militias,” says brand new Mamas for Africa, ambassador Dina Tersago. “Often, the victims of permanent physical injury to the cruelty of the attacks. On top of that comes the risk of expulsion by their husbands. It makes the women in the area of Bukavu and Uvira extremely fragile”, responds Dina on the website of Mamas for Africa. Praise for Dina that she wants to wager for people who are less fortunate, but it repels quite a few people against the chest that Dina’s in a different continent is going to search. On the Facebook page of One there were all kinds of comments posted that are pretty hard and confronting.

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