Dina Tersago buried under haatberichten

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Last week appeared Dina Tersago in a campaign against violence on African women. Then she got a lot of favorable comments, but also brutal haatberichten. “I had not seen it coming,” she says.

Since short is “Farmer seeks Wife”-presenter, Dina Tersago ambassador of the “Mamas for Africa”, a non-profit organisation, women in Eastern Congo supports. Last week, popped them in a video that the glaring problem’. The advert got a lot of media attention, and so did the reactions. Some comments were downright racist. “Would they not be better bets for the mama’s here that have a hard time”, they said.

The likeable ex-Miss Belgium did not know what was happening to her. “Yes, I had not seen this coming and am truly shocked. Especially since I’m from a very positive message was launched. So yes, these reactions feel very falsely. Offensive even. Beware, every human being has a right to an opinion and should respond to that of another. Still scares me how quickly people are ready to get their frank opinion as to proclaim,” she says in a TV Family.

The 39-year-old presenter stressed that they do have commitment to other initiatives, for people in our country. “I’m the meter of “A Touch of Rose’, a psycho-social centre for cancer patients. And I put me also in for a host of other social and local projects. A wafelenbak, distributing soup for ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’, … I deposit each month an amount for some organizations. But I’m not going to buy,” she says.

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