Diddy gets used to life as a single parent

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Sean Combs

Diddy, who himself is mommy/daddy and daddy/mommy calls it, begins with a word of thanks for all the prayers and support’. Since the death of Porter takes Diddy to care for his six children. “I find it beautiful, it is delicious. You just need to get up early, really early.”

Now he only has Diddy even more respect for single mothers and fathers. “You must be one step forward and two roles for you to take.”


Although the long days, the Diddy well. “New life, new responsibilities”, wrote the rapondernemer in the images. “Kim, I can do this. As you have learned!”

With Kim, who almost three weeks ago at the age of 47 died, got Diddy two daughters and a son. He adopted, moreover, her son from a previous relationship and has two children from other relationships. In his speech at the funeral of Kim promised, Diddy and his six children there is always for them to be. “Against my children Justin, Christian, D’Lila, Jessie, Chance, and the other man in the house of Quincy, I want to say: your mother has taught me this, and I swear this to everyone here now, I’ll always be there for you. I will always care for you.”

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