‘Demi Moore has a relationship with a woman’

906bf3c3625f33fef4c5611f2889d1c3 - 'Demi Moore has a relationship with a woman'

According to the Mirror, it would go to the 43-year-old Serbian stylist Masha Mandzuka, who among other things worked with Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and Anne Hathaway. The two were recently together spotted while she and Masha’s two-year-old daughter Rumi at the shop.

Demi and Masha would have been two years together, says a friend. Also, they would Rumi educate together. “They are holding hands and Demi is like a second mother to Masha’s daughter.” Demi could also be a child seat in her car.

In Serbia, where the stylist is coming from, is the relationship between the two already known. Local media talk all year long about the romance. “Belgrade is a city where everyone knows each other, everyone writes about their relationship,” so let a local reporter know.

Demi previously had relationships with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

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