Criticism after the death of nephew away Sarah Hyland of social media

b657a5dd00b9a1ed4387cc65369aac6c - Criticism after the death of nephew away Sarah Hyland of social media

Sarah Hyland

Saturday was the 14-year-old cousin of the Modern Family star, after the car in which he sat, was hit by a drunk driver. Her uncle was injured in the accident. “Please meet my family during this terrible time. And donate please”, wrote Sarah. She sent the tweet is a link to the fundraising campaign where money is raised for the funeral of Trevor and the hospital bills of his father, Bryan.

Many followers responded, surprised at the demand of Sarah to donate, because they have a good income. As someone wrote: “What a terrible tragedy. But it feels a little weird that you ask people to give money. People donate 10, 20 or 100 dollars, which is a lot for them. I hope that they financially assist, because it seems to me that you have more resources than the people who contribute.”

Monday asked Sarah her followers to send their comments to himself. “You know not the whole story. And how dare you to attack as such a beautiful life has come to an end?” The next day, let them know no more with the comment face want to be. “You have finally made it. You terrible, negative, short-sighted words have left me broken. Are you now satisfied? I continue to provisionally offline”, said Sarah, then, to report that they are later in the week with a special announcement coming in a video.

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