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Consumers see Blockchain increasingly as a chance for the future

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Matthias Nemack –

Only almost every fourth German consumer fears in fact, the loss of his job through the Blockchain, and Artificial intelligence. This is the result of a current survey.

Fears take over gradually in the case of the working

It is true that several studies show that The background of the consumers as well as many of the smaller companies might in this country be better when it comes to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Is right but also that the Numbers look increasingly better, and the necessary Knowledge of the opportunities and risks more quickly. Worry and anxiety will move, anyway, in the meantime, only every second German when they think of the Blockchain and the topic of Artificial intelligence. This is a study of the software company VMWare, the survey of 2,000 German consumers. Even if private investors will not invest money in Litecoin or Ether, relaxes the expectation but gradually.

Hope to have more free time due to new technologies

There are actually 44 % of the respondents, the screams are not afraid of losing their jobs, with a view to the Blockchain, and AI, as well as the progressive digitization. The values were in the previous studies part often considerably higher. The same value-the study is called, if the Balance goes to the important point of the Work-Life. Here, too, 44% of consumers surveyed believe that technology could provide for improvement and more leisure time. More impressive, however, is that 38 % of the participants indicated rather even job opportunities in the innovative technological approaches rather than a threat.

Consumers see potential also in environmental protection

Real-job-Fears feel even, only 23 per cent. 53 per cent expect a positive impact on the current ecological difficulties in the fight against climate change. I do so, when it comes to digital currencies – whether the consumer opinions are always entitled to, is another matter.

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