Celebrities say goodbye to former president Bush

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WASHINGTON – With a church service in the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday to say goodbye to the previous week’s death of ex-president of the USA George H. W. Bush.

President George H. W. Bush out of the Capitol, worn Wednesday in Washington.

In the church was a large number of prominent people assembled, among whom were the ex-presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama, and current president Trump, who together with their wives on one of the first rows were. On the other side of the aisle sat the family Bush.

During the service there were several speakers, among whom were granddaughters of george Bush and his son and also ex-president George W. Bush. That said, inter alia, that his father,the best father that a daughter or son may have” been. Striking was the number of times there is laughing to the jokes in the speeches.


Immediately after the service the coffin with Bush to an airbase to be flown to Houston, along with his family members. Since Thursday is the funeral.

America was on Wednesday declared a day of mourning in connection with the death Friday of the man who from 1989 to 1993, the 41st president of the United States. The staatsuitvaart went Wednesday with much ceremonial accompanied. The coffin with the body of Bush was from the Capitol, where he was in a closed casket lay in state, to the National Cathedral, where the farewell service was.

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The family Bush received the coffin at the Capitol. A between the soldiers of several parts, the chefs of legerdelen and members of the U.s. Congress did the former president escorted. On the way to the cathedral was along the White House driven.

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