Cardi B and Offset convert a point behind their marriage

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Cardi B and her husband Offset after a marriage of 14 months no longer together. That has the American rapper announced on Instagram. Their relationship would be a long time in the doldrums sitting.

In a video on her Instagram account tells Cardi B that there is already a ‘trouble in paradise’ was with the controversial rapper. “I have been for a while tried to make it work with the father of my baby. We are good friends, business partners, and feel a lot of love for each other. But it works for a long time and not between us anymore.”

She then says that it is “nobody’s fault”. Cardi says that the separation has started, but that it will take some time. Also stresses the former stripster yet again that they have no quarrel with her husband. “I will always love him feel. He is the father of my daughter.”

Cardi B, best known for ‘I Like It’ and ‘Bodak Yellow’, and rapper Offset welcomed last July their first child together. Daughter Kulture is the first sprout of Cardi B. Offset already had two sons and a daughter from previous relationships. He has not yet responded to the divorce.

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