Call Derksen and minister of the job

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Johan Derksen

Derksen said in november in the tv-program, inter alia, that ’gays need to stop pretending that it is so difficult to come out of the closet. Also, they would, according to him, some more self-mockery should have. With the hashtag #SorryJohan shared many hundreds of gays and lesbians then their poignant coming out stories. Van Engelshoven supported the lgbt’ers and called it ’embarrassing how careless Derksen are hurtful statements’.

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Derksen responded Friday in the broadcast and stated that he himself is not homophobic, but that he was hard jokes about lgbt people. He understands the accusation is not that his statements contribute to a negative climate for lgbt people. He said only with the minister in debate to want to go to the table with Veronica Inside.

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Not the right setting

But here fits Van Engelshoven. They late Wednesday through its spokesman to know this is not the right setting for a nuanced conversation to be found”. At the table with Veronica Inside to be regularly “jokes” that a lot of people are sexist and racist. As cited Derksen regularly to Sylvana Simons.

Van Engelshoven was not the only politician who is annoyed at the remarks of Derksen and the refusal to apologize to the lgbt community. Among others, PvdA, D66 and CDA took a stand against the statements of Derksen. Deputy prime minister Hugo de Jonge qualified the representations of Derksen as ’rude’.

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