Bulgaria aligns itself with migratiepact

b60cdf7fb8e72b46852bcc860b80f208 - Bulgaria aligns itself with migratiepact

SOFIA – Bulgaria will not join a pact of the United Nations on the regulation of the treatment of migrants worldwide, said the government Wednesday.

Prime minister Borisov of Bulgaria is the pact not to sign.

“At this stage the Bulgarian government believes that the decision not to accede to the treaty for a safe, orderly and regular migration, the interests of the country and its citizens fully protects,” said Borisov.

Slovakia had also recently know nothing to see in the global treaty. “Because it is in this form not in accordance with the security and migration policy of the Slovak republic”, according to the comments of the coalition consisting of the social democrats and the right-populists.

The UN-agreement, although not legally binding, creates a lot of discussion. Including the USA, Hungary, Austria, Czech republic and Switzerland do not want to participate. Germany was going to agree. The Netherlands also does this, albeit with an explanation which emphasizes that the agreement has no legal effects. Belgium is the same plan.

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