Brother of Helmut Lotti moves to Austria

b81161c0aa2918aa21e52a05b0fa16a9 - Brother of Helmut Lotti moves to Austria

At the end of this year picks up Kurt Lotigiers, the singing brother of Helmut Lotti his bags and he is going to live in Austria. For more than 8 years and 6 months has Kurt in a relationship with the Austrian Stefanie. All those years of driving them to and fro. The distance between the two places of living is a whopping 1101 km and the car is still between the 10 and 11 hour drive. Occasionally Kurt or even the plane, he said a few weeks ago in the weekly magazine Primo. In addition to the cost of the trips was the fact that they get only the month or a month and a half but could see a reason to move. Stefanie lives, reportedly, in a small village in the middle of the mountains and because Kurt a natural person is was soon decided that he was going to Austria would move, and they are not in Flanders, to come and live. The singer lives in Berlare at the Donkmeer, also in the nature. However, he notes that he prefers to be in Austria inside.
His singing career goes Kurt Lotigiers certainly will not give up. With Vienna as the muziekhoofdstad of Europe does well. He explores the market and is plenty of learning German.

On the occasion of his move gives Kurt Lotigiers a farewell concert in Sint-Amandsberg, where he grew up. He will do that in Theatre, Sacred Heart, Holy Trendy 2 in Sint-Amandsberg on 14 december to 20 hours in the presence of some nice milonga & surprise acts. This is Kurt Lotigiers & Friends. Who the friends are likes the singer a secret. You can discover for yourself by to order tickets for the farewell concert ‘Bye Bye Belgium, Hello Austria” via

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