BOD-Petra: ‘Jaap had little feelings for me”

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Petra was at first pleasantly surprised when she Jaap a message was that he wanted to meet. “I thought that was a good idea. Jaap told that he might be a wrong choice had been made. I didn’t know what happened to me, that I saw not arrive.”

The two talked secretly and Petra was excited. “It felt good. This felt like a unique. We were given a second chance to know each other, and we did that. We talked several times, and so have a lot of hours spent together.”

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On the website of Farmer wants a Wife, she tells that he finally no longer wanted. “Sorry but where told Jaap me last week that he is not in love with me, and little feelings for me. Despite the fact that this just arrived, I know that honesty is very appreciate. What is not there, is not there. We have in each case a second chance, and I’m grateful for that.”

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