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Binance Coin (BNB) can now be used for hotel bookings!

a809f0fc617739dc3e9b737228a2dcd9 - Binance Coin (BNB) can now be used for hotel bookings!

Cooperation between the Binance and Tripio

Due to a cooperation between the well-known crypto-stock exchange Binance and the Blockchain-based hotel booking platform “Tripio” it is the more than 10 million active users of the Binance Ecosystem, and owners of the Binance Coins (NBB) is now possible to book more than 450,000 Hotels worldwide with over Tripio and pay with BNB.

The “CZ” referred to Binance-founder and CEO of the Exchange, it can expect a Tweet that, in any case, to use his BNB for a reservation and thought, from his latest stay in the hotel, check-out: book by Tripio and BNB again:

A new impetus for the BNB

[Image:]cheered on by this positive news, the NBB in the last 24 hours a significant increase of over +20% compared to the US dollar$, and temporarily back in the $ 6-brand exceed. Just due to the current ongoing bear market, and the fact that the BNB currencies also compared to other Crypto (BTC and ETH) increased significantly, this development is already very impressive.
If the Coin developed and Binance it will continue to create, your Ecosystem is gradually Expanding, the BNB is certainly the currencies with the most promising Crypto, since he has a strong Team, also had real-life application possibilities that go far beyond the use as a mere “discount Token” on the Exchange.

A further step towards mass adaptation?

Innovations such as these, should make the heart of any crypto-enthusiasts beat faster, because real application currencies are the ways and purposes so far, the “manslaughter” Argument for many opponents of Crypto.

“Why should I buy crypto-currencies, you can start doing anything, except to speculate”.

The periods of such statements come, hopefully, soon in the past. It remains to hope that the companies in the crypto-Ecosystem can provide in the near future more ways to use it for the “real world” …. Then nothing more is a new Bullrun.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy from. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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